Q&A: Nick Carter on Touring with Jordan Knight & Being on Reality TV

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As the Nick and Knight tour gets ready to hit Fort Lauderdale on October 22, we talked with singer Nick Carter about what inspired his collaboration with Jordan Knight, his love of house music, and the future of the Backstreet Boys.

Tell us about your new reality show, I Heart Nick Carter, on VH1.
NICK CARTER: Well, it came about because [my wife], Lauren, and myself were talking and saying, “You know, maybe it would be cool to do a reality show.” I feel like we have a really interesting life—it’s unique. I’m always on the road and it’s really difficult to be in a relationship. I had a bad experience last time I did reality [TV and] I might have lost a lot of fans. The person I am now, I am happy. I’ve overcome a lot of adversity. This time around, there’s a definite change and I’ve grown and I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me to reintroduce myself to people.

How did you start working with Jordan Knight on your new collaborative album, Nick and Knight?
NC: It happened organically. The relationship with him and I, we had it before we did the collaboration with New Kids and Backstreet Boys. He and I had been writing partners and when we met back up with the tour, we just started talking and [thought] it would be cool to do this and it [would] be crazy to go on tour and it just evolved. Then, it was like, instead of us doing our old songs, why don’t we do a whole record and do something nobody would expect? It was fun. He’s a great writing partner. We really are enjoying it and we write great music together. It’s just a cool collaboration.

What can fans expect from your current Nick and Knight tour?
NC: It’s just a big party. We do a bunch of songs from our solo records that we’ve put out. Then, we also do [songs] from our respective groups—we do a couple of songs from Backstreet Boys and from New Kids on the Block. Then we pay homage to the nineties. We do “Pony” by Ginuwine [and] “Bad Boys” from Mase and Puffy and I’m rapping the verse. It’s really like an out-of-the-box show. Read the rest of this entry »

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So sorry :(

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After some hard months that I din’t update the sites (I am really sorry), I think I came back and now I can start again adding photos… The problem, I got over 5000 photos to check so, please, be patient because I need some time. Thanks for all your messages and for visiting the site. It really means a lot to me. A big hug

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New candids of Nick Carter added!

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I added some new candids of Nick Carter to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy! Please, credit n-carter.net if you take the photos.

Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter

Gallery Link:
March 13rd, 2014

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New photos of Nick Carter on tour added!

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Some new photos of Nick Carter with the Backstreet Boys on tour have been added to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter

Gallery Links:
Backstreet Boys Perform in Munich
Backstreet Boys Performing in Moscow

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Nick Carter sings a new tune after health turnaround

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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter talks about losing 65 pounds and regaining his life.

Every time I hear another story about exercise saving someone’s life, I get a warm feeling inside. The latest comes from Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Exercise helped Carter lose 65 pounds. After overcoming addiction and a serious heart condition, he wrote about his travails in his new book, “Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.”

Tell me about your heart problems. You were only 28. That must have really freaked you out.

I was on tour in Europe, and I was partying every night and really depressed. I ended up in Russia, and I remember I was trying to keep up with the local Russians in drinking games and I was feeling terrible. I couldn’t perform on stage to my usual standards, and afterward I went to the doctor, who told me I had drug- and alcohol-induced cardiomyopathy that was weakening my heart. It was a warning that if I stayed on that path I would die.

That must have been a major wake-up call.

The doctor read me the riot act. It really was life or death for me. He said I needed to stop drinking completely. I was overweight and I needed to change, so I just completely went extreme in the other direction. I wanted to fight for my life, so I sobered up. I quit alcohol for a year and stopped taking drugs. A year later the doctor said he couldn’t see the inflammation in my heart anymore.

What kind of role did exercise play in the change?

Exercise has absolutely been a replacement reward for me. It releases chemicals into your body that make you feel better and think more clearly. Once you know how you feel with a hangover and you compare it to how you feel after a workout, it’s a much better high. Your body doesn’t want to be poisoned with alcohol. Every now and then I have a drink, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel, so I’m still battling it. I’m working toward a future where I just don’t drink at all anymore, drinking less and less and working out more and more and eating better and focusing on my work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Backstreet Boys Perform in Concert in Barcelona (Photos)

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Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys performs in concert on February 20, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos. Also, I added 15 new HQ photos to the Backstreet Boys in Madrid album. Please, credit n-carter.net if you take them.

Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter Nick Carter

Gallery Links:
Backstreet Boys Perform in Concert in Barcelona
Backstreet Boys Perform in Concert in Madrid – Added 15 HQs

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